Regenetron Testimonial

My first night using the Regenetron Sleep Sweep Cycle. 

My second and third night using the Regenetron.

A Call from Tony Robbins

"I found the PEMF machine to be one of the most valuable resources for healing. I tore my rotator cuff's in my right shoulder and I was on a 9.9 level of pain-nothing was working! This machine brought it down to a five and eventually a two or three, it's been a huge part of my healing. I can't recommend it enough to anyone who is in signifigant pain and wants to heal muscles and nerves."

                                                                                  -Tony Robbins

A few doctor's opinion on PEMF.

PEMF Energy Medicine and the medical community.

See what a former California Chiropractic Association President had to say about PEMF.

Dr. Oz Segment

Dr. Oz did a great show on PEMF. You may be able to find it on YouTube. The Dr Oz pemf episodes are no longer on the website. Here is the link of the article on his website.