Brain Reset/ Balance Protocols

A great series of videos explaining how important it is to have brain pathways open to regulate and maintain the body!

Protocol Sheet for PMT-120

Ease into sessions, limit time and drink water!

PEMF Devices of this caliber may be powerful enough to jumpstart the detoxification process.


PEMF may purge toxins from the cell membranes. Any type of physical therapy  or exercise can promote detoxification in the body. These toxins need to get out of the body!

Water makes it all better...

Ensure water is consumed before, during and after a PEMF session if possible. Limit your time with PEMF the first few sessions to see how your body may be detoxing.

Protocol Sheet for P4L- Home clinic

Partner with your health professional when starting a supplement regiment.

A Proper Cell Membrane Potential is the only way a cell membrane can remain permeable.

PEMF also makes you absorb nutrients better!

Partner with your doctor or nutritionist.

Catch the toxins released after PEMF!

Partner with your doctor or nutritionist.