Includes Therapy Mat and Paddle!

Clinc Pro

Clinic Pro

The home unit you can actually feel!

Avaiable in a Mini-Tote case!

Great for on the go or the equine industry!

Versatile Attachments

Machine includes Large Loop and Butterfly Loop Standard. 

Mat and Paddle are optional.

A personal testimonial and referral from Tony Robbins...


PEMF Benefits

Pain and Inflammation

Depolorize pain signals to limit them from reaching the brain! Signal your cells to end the inflammation phase and go in to repair mode!

Range Of Motion and Athletic Performance

Stimulate fluctuation of cell membranes to help dissipate scar tissue. Re-educate muscles and nerves to get your mechanics back after an injury!

Cell Charge and Circulation

Get cell membrane potential to a healthier charge. Absorb nutrients and detox! Separate blood to allow more oxygenation and better circulation.

PEMF for Home or IV Room

Maybe you want to continue PEMF at home between doctor visits? You may just want the power of "ringer" PEMF technology at home. Finally, a home PEMF device 


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The Original PMT-120

Powerful PEMF you can FEEL all over the body! Great for athletes looking to get results by game time. Practitioners love the PMT-120's versatility for all types of patients.

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Solid State Digital PMT-300

All the benefits of the PMT-120 with minimal to no maintenance. Great for the international offices who are implementing PEMF. It is also light weight and durable for the PEMF operator who travels.

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Pulsed electro-magnetic field (pemf Devices)


Emphasizing the pulse on all areas of the body requires different attachments. We have attachments specifically designed for the torso, joints, extremities and for range of motion. 

Having the right attachment will allow you to "FEEL THE PEMF."


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Continental USA training is an optional in-house service with the purchase of  PMT-120 or PMT-300 PEMF devices. We want our practitioners to have the best possible implementation of PEMF energy medicine into their practice! Our smaller Clinic and DuoClinic are very easy to use and operate, video training is included. A trainer is always on standby!


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Supporting Products

PEMF therapy has the ability to reset cell membrane potential, making the cell membranes in our body more permeable. It is the perfect time to use binders to remove toxins and highly absorbable supplements! Especially ones that can promote more homeostasis in the body!

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