PMT-120 and PMT-300 Loops and PEMF MAT

Standard Attachments Included

Large Loop for Torso, Butterfly Loop for Joints and a Long rope for Extremities.

Therapy Mats for PMT-120 and Pmt-300

Your Choice of a 18 x 23 Medium or Large 12 x 423 Therapy Mat

Giant Loops

Large Lasso for Larger People, Giant Butterfly for Range of Motion.


Standard Paddle for extremities, Large Paddle for Torso, Double Paddle for creating a focused Helmholtz Field.


Depending on your individual or practice needs we have the right paddle for any area of the body. We can help you choose the right paddles!


PMT-500 Included Attachments

Four attachments INCLUDED!!!

Large and Small Butterfly, Paddle and Choice of Large Mat or Zone Mat.

Single Conection for Each Attachment

Easy Push and Release connections.

Plug two in at a time!

Now you can create a Helmholtz field or charge two people up at once!


Clinic Included Attachments

Large Therapy Mat or Zone Mat

Includes a Large Loop, Butterfly Loop and your choice of a Large mat or Zone Mat.

Choose your Mat

Choose the Large PEMF Mat for Comfort, Choose the Zone PEMF Mat for Traveling.

Travel Case

Handy canvas bag included.